Northfield Student Conference
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Let's meet god at noRthfield.

Before we can go, we must be sent

John 15:5 says “He who abides in me and I in him bears much fruit, for without me, you can do nothing.” God has great plans for this generation, there are great exploits to perform, injustices to be righted, but this adventure has to begin in the secret place with God, in the place of communion with Him. Before we go on mission with Him, we must first learn to abide in Christ, to hear His voice. We need the Holy Spirit to teach us and remove entangling sin from our lives. We need Him to tell us who we are, and to send us out on mission.

The Northfield Student Conference is an opportunity for students to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and to discover and grow in their callings.

We want to get away for five days with like-minded believers to be with Jesus together, as His family, in a beautiful place where we can commune with God and with one another. This gathering is sponsored by many different ministries in New England who are working in unity. There will be amazing men and women of God there from the New England region, fathers and mothers who want to come along side you in your journey with the Lord.

In 1886, a movement was born with a dream that every person on earth would hear the gospel. They died without seeing the promise—this is an invitation to join in and, Lord wiling, be part of completing their story. It’s simple: We need to know Him, sit with Him, learn His ways and His heart. Everything else will flow out of that. Join us this July 23-28 for the Northfield Student Conference.



5 days. Forever changed.

7/23 - 7/28




All lodging and food will be included. This ticket will provide a life-changing experience for students who are looking to take their place in New England and run after what God is calling them to.



  • Lodging and amenities
  • Meals for duration of stay
  • All Sessions

Volunteer Partner

Want to volunteer and partner with us? This package will provide the same level of access as the "Student Admission", but will also allow you the opportunity to have a hands-on experiance during the event.



  • Lodging and amenities
  • Meals for duration of stay
  • All Sessions

Ministry Partner

The job that God has called us here to do is not one we can do alone. We want to provide an opportunity for ministries in New England and abroad to partner with the vision D.L. Moody began here at Northfield. We believe that this event will be a catalyst unto the global sending of the next generation.



  • Mention in partnerships
  • All nightly sessions
  • The joy of partnering with God!